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Architectural Digest July Issue

20150625-070628.jpg Magazines are always such inspiration to me. Filled with visual ideas about design, food, flowers, entertaining, gifts–I always get a jolt of creative energy when perusing the pages. The July issue of Architectural Digest is one such gem. Country houses are the prevailing theme, and it is filled with page after page of creative ideas. I am always particularly fond of seeing the homes of creative folks I admire. I find them to be the most inspiring, as I think they create spaces that are truly unique to their vision. I have been a fan of the ethereal work of Victoria Hagan for more than 20 years. She creates highly livable spaces in a light and airy fashion. Her home on Nantucket is just beyond. A true statement of her vision and her design work. The Maine home of Martha Stewart is another gloriously visual feast. Her historic Seal Harbor estate is so handsome and woodsy and grand all at the same time. Not three descriptors you see describing a home in the same sentence often. Then there is Clove Brook Farm by fellow Hudson Valley resident, ceramists Christopher Spitzmiller, in Millbrook. Long a fan of his beautiful lamps, it was fun to see inside his stylish home. Albert Hadley was his mentor, and you can see the influence of Mister Hadley throughout each room, which I loved. The issue is just jam packed with inspiration & ideas. Our home is so important to our well-being. Whether that be a dorm room, a studio apartment, a city home, a country home, an estate–it is our sanctuary, our nest, our refuge. It should bring us happiness, contentment, cradle us in the good and bad times. It is our home.



Martha Stewart Living

20140729-074347.jpg Every once in awhile a magazine cover will just stop me in my tracks. This current issue of Martha Stewart Living did just that. What a beautifully visual tableau, right down to the bits of basil strewn about. The issue is pretty stellar, as well. It has been part of my reading this week-end. The home of designers Roman and Williams in Montauk was a special treat. Each issue is always filled with so many recipes and ideas on every page I find myself making notes and pulling out pages for reminders. I find design/food magazines to be such an inspiration. Some might say print is dead, but I could not disagree more. I still always feel that bit of glee when I reach into the mailbox and pull out the newest issue of the slew of magazines we receive each month.

A happy Tuesday to you in your neck of the woods.
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Our Beloved Hamlet of Hillsdale, New York

20121015-081438.jpg It was such an treat to see the lovely article about Hillsdale in the current Martha Stewart Living magazine that arrived the other day. For any of you in the area or traveling this region of the Hudson River Valley, a stop into one of the shops mentioned or for a meal at the Crossroads Food Shop is a must. We will be back for a week in November to interview contractors for, fingers crossed, work to begin on our home in Hillsdale this Spring. It is such a charming area to putter about, with a walk around the national historic district becoming even more interesting with the addition of all these establishments.