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Of Hydrangea and Whales

The Sunday supper table was prompted by hydrangea that was a gift from our friend Catherine and whale glasses hand painted by the artist Margot Larkin for us. Often when setting a table, one or two things become the theme or driving force and then everything else falls into place. Paper placements picked up at Bell’occhio in San Francisco on my last trip that have maps of France with cheeses from each region were called into action as well as a recycled metal whale we sell like crazy at the shops. Blue also became a theme so the splatter plates picked up at Ikea for a song finishing things off. Then paella dinner was served!



Hand Painted Glasses by Margot Lar Designs

20150507-080707.jpg Beyond lovely and oh so stylish hand painted glasses by my IG pal Margot Larsen are now up on the Watson Kennedy website. Margot painted glasses for us for when we first bought Hawthorne. We use them everyday when we are there. I was thrilled to be able to incorporate them into the all-green table I put together and shot that is in the current House Beautiful. Now these gems are being offered to all. The detail is quite something. Made to order, they will bump up the chic quotient to any table they grace.