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20160122-085605.jpg I purposely left these out of the line-up yesterday, as I felt these Scourtins deserved a solo shout-out. Yes, the posts this week have been heavily food-centric, but who doesn’t love a tasty morsel? These actually arrived when I was in SF at the show. They come from one of our outstanding vendors, Lark Fine Foods. They were recently highlighted in The New York Times during the Holiday season, so I was excited to add them to our mix. Savory olive wafers with a touch of sweetness, made in the traditional French Provencal style. Served up with a cocktail for a savory treat, either just as they are or with cheese, such as a chèvre. Or treated like a cookie for an afternoon snack when you are feeling a bit peckish. The Lark packaging also makes these a swell little host/hostess gift too.

Happy Friday all! I think snow will be the topic to discuss this week-end. Stay cozy…



Polenta Pennies

20130410-064937.jpg I wrote about Lark Fine Foods back in November, and the amazing salted rosemary shortbread they make. Well, they are at it again, whipping up these incredible bite-sized little gems, polenta pennies. Just the right size for a late afternoon snack or to serve as a simple dessert with coffee or tea. Laced with lemon and studded with golden raisins–they are just the perfect little cookie. Ideally packaged for nifty gift giving, which you know, always seals the deal for me.

Happy Wednesday!



Salted Rosemary Shortbread

20121124-071736.jpg Salted rosemary shortbread–just typing that, even at this early hour, made we want to try a few of these awesome little shortbread cookies. Funny, I have not used the word ‘awesome’ to describe something in quite awhile, but the word seemed fitting. This trio of salty, sweet and savory is a real winner. They are lovingly made by Lark Fine Foods, a family company in Essex, MA. One of the tasty benefits of having had the shops for some time, is folks who either visit, read about, or hear about Watson Kennedy that have goods that they think might be a good fit, send me samples to try. When the good people of Lark sent me a goodie box to enjoy, TPS & I had a taste test one evening after dinner. Everything they make is amazing, but these shortbread just spoke to both of our palettes. The sweet little box just makes them ideal little gifts this season. Definitely a buy one for them, buy one for yourself treat. Truly awesome!

Just a reminder to stop in to the Market shop if you are in the hood for a little Holiday cheer. The Open House begins at 10 and runs through the day until we close at 6. I hope to see you there. Happy Saturday to all!