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Simple Grocery Store Orchids For The Win

Flower Friday are a pair of white orchid plants snapped up at our neighborhood grocery story for 9 bucks a pop. Proving beauty not need break the back. The top image from the bathroom. I always like having a bloom, or blooms in this case, in the room as it is nice to have them catch your eye as we are getting ready in the morning. The below in the living room for all to enjoy. This round of orchids had a crazy number of buds on them. Both slipped into vintage containers to house the plastic pot they come in. These orchids can last for months, so the dollar to enjoyment ratio is incredibly high. Happy Friday all! X, T



Scented Geraniums, An Orchid & Mint

Flower Friday brings a dining table tableau. TPS cut back all our geraniums and herbs out on the island this week-end, they then made the ferry crossing into town. The apartment dotted with them all over the place, but the big clear compote just had to get the lion’s share of the scented geraniums. I wish the screen were a scratch & sniff. Can’t begin to tell you how deliriously happy that overflowing vessel makes me. Adding to that a bundle of mint and a grocery store orchid. Have a lovely, lovely week-end all!



The Moving Pot of Orchids

Flower Friday brings us the moving pot of orchids, the same I posted on Monday. My thought here is always feel free to move around your flowers to best suit your needs for the moment. Have those blooms bringing you joy at every turn. For our guests at the cocktail party last Friday, these lit up the bathroom. For a simple meal the other eve, I moved them to the dining table. Different setting, high enjoyment factor for both.



Ted’s Tip No. 167

Think outside the box for clever plant holders in place of terra-cotta pots. Vintage ice buckets, bowls, tea cups, really anything cool looking that you can slip the plant into becomes a stylish container.



Orchids & Tulips

Flower Friday brings a grocery store orchid and a bunch of Market tulips. The above a 5 stem orchid the fab floral buyer at QFC had set aside for herself but so graciously said I should have when I asked her if they had any small pots of orchids left–a gift in many ways. She knew how much I would adore it. The below a compote full of orange parrot tulips that caught my eye as I looked through the stellar assortment of Market tulips out right now in all the flower stalls. Their ruffly beauty gets me every time. The stems doing a lovely swirl-y dance. Both of them have brought so much joy as we walk by them this week.



An Orchid & Orange Parrot Tulips 

I snapped the above photo the other day for Flower Friday as I am so enamored with our $10 grocery store orchid and all the happiness it brings. Just a reminder to all of us what screaming deals you can find on blooms when running in to get a quart of milk. The below sent to us yesterday by Steven, who has so beautifully taken care of our home in town for close to 20 years now. He texted it when the sun was shining down on the orange parrot tulips on the dining table. Totally made my day. A lovely week-end to you all!




A Singular Sensation 

I wrote yesterday about the orchid I picked up recently at the grocery store. This singular beauty had to be our Flower Friday post for so many reasons. I had sort of forgotten about how much I loved orchids until I was reading an article about the upcoming documentary on Joan Didion (who I adore and can’t wait to see, btw) and there was mention of her beloved orchids scattered about her apartment. Which got me thinking about how much we have enjoyed them in the past, and later that afternoon on a grocery store run, boom, a big table of them when I walked in. Secondly, orchids are one heck of a deal when you amortize the life of the blooms and how long you get to enjoy them. And lastly, they are super easy to care for. Place a few ice cubes atop the roots when things feel dry and they melt slowly keeping things nicely moist and perfectly watered. 

A lovely, lovely Friday to you all and a stellar week-end ahead. X, T



An Orchid, Geranium, Hydrangea Layered Supper Table 

Setting a table can be lots like getting dressed on a chilly morning. Layering becomes key. This dining table was pulled together by the addition of the orchid I bought at the grocery store the other day for 10 bucks that I plunked into an old English biscuit bucket. The pumpkins, little vessel of hydrangea and geranium had already been on the table. The orchid became the final flourish, like adding a scarf or hat just as you head out the door.



A Simple Week-Night Dinner

Having guests over during the week for dinner requires a little extra planning & prep, but the reward can be so great. I had my old college friend Jackie over for dinner last eve. Her husband is away on business and Mister Sive is on a ski trip with his siblings. It would be a fun time to chat and catch up, share a meal, and laugh like crazy as we always do. Setting the table in advance and grocery shopping days before make having a mid-week dinner guest over a joy instead of a stressor. For this table a grocery store orchid would take center stage. I am always amazed at how well priced they are and how long they last. This one I picked up a few weeks before we left for New York and it is still going strong. Sparkling water and wine at the table so we could just talk and not have to get up during the meal. A William Yeoward decanter our latest acquisition, I picked up at Gump’s when in San Francisco awhile back for the Fancy Food Show. Lit a few scattered votives, served a super easy salmon dish, and it was a delightful evening shared with an old friend.








Ted’s Tip No. 37

20150504-080514.jpg Orchids are such delicate flowers. But yet a very hearty plant. They are also now readily available at garden centers & grocery stores. Overwatering can be the biggest mistake. To prolong the life of the plant, simply place 2 ice cubes on top of the roots and bark. They will dissolve at a slow pace watering the orchid for the week.