A Singular Sensation 

October 20, 2017

I wrote yesterday about the orchid I picked up recently at the grocery store. This singular beauty had to be our Flower Friday post for so many reasons. I had sort of forgotten about how much I loved orchids until I was reading an article about the upcoming documentary on Joan Didion (who I adore and can’t wait to see, btw) and there was mention of her beloved orchids scattered about her apartment. Which got me thinking about how much we have enjoyed them in the past, and later that afternoon on a grocery store run, boom, a big table of them when I walked in. Secondly, orchids are one heck of a deal when you amortize the life of the blooms and how long you get to enjoy them. And lastly, they are super easy to care for. Place a few ice cubes atop the roots when things feel dry and they melt slowly keeping things nicely moist and perfectly watered. 

A lovely, lovely Friday to you all and a stellar week-end ahead. X, T