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The New & Improved Zig-Zag Has Arrived!

20131010-062337.jpg It has been 11 months in the making, but the new & improved French Zig-Zag corkscrew has arrived. Actually many cases of them showed up yesterday to my delight. There were challenges with the old model breaking, so the maker decided to strengthen the design. This is just the most classic gift! A stylish way to open a bottle of wine. Looks great left out on the counter or bar as a working object/piece of art/thing of beauty. They will now be selling for $75. If you would like one, please call the Home store at 206.652.8350 and we can get one right out to you.



Watson Kennedy Goods in Real Simple

20121109-061615.jpg We were thrilled to have 2 of our favorite things at the shops & website chosen to be in the Real Simple magazine Holiday Gift Guide issue.

20121109-062022.jpg The ever popular Zig-Zag corkscrew from France was selected for a great guy gift. I think this piece is so sculptural and beautiful. Really just a great looking object. Cool enough to leave out when not in use. Opens a bottle of vino spiffily too.

20121109-062331.jpg The travel tin of Maldon sea salt from England was the other pick. This was featured in the stocking stuffer section. What a perfect little thing to have stashed away in your purse or valise for when a perfect dash of sublime flaky sea salt is called into action and a boring shake of table salt just won’t do.