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A Walk Around Troy

We were meeting family for lunch in Troy so we thought a little walk around before in this historic town would be a bit of pleasurable inspiration. Indeed it was! The architecture everywhere your eye lands is just extraordinary. You feel a bit transported to a much slower and quite grand time. A tad like being on a movie set. Block after block of chic but lovingly worn townhouses and buildings with grand facades. If you ever find yourself in this area of upstate New York, a walk around Troy is a must.



The Doors of Troy

Our niece Aisling lives in historic Troy, New York, not terribly far from us. We visited her the other day for lunch and meandered around Troy. My oh my, I was in heaven. The architecture was unbelievable. Street after street of beauty. The front doors on many of the homes caught my eye. They had me at “hello” so I thought I must share. Just stunning.





P.S. The Pottery Barn post went up later in the day yesterday than I was thinking it would, so here is the direct link if you want to take a look. Click Here. They decided to make the story a two-parter, so the rest of it will run next week.

A happy, happy Saturday to you all! We are headed to the Hudson Farmers Market in a bit. The weather this stay has just been beautiful, it being such a treat to see the start of so many things blooming.
Hope you have grand week-end,