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Seattle in Spring, Ahhhhhh

The above I snapped of our fine city from the deck of the Inn at the Market minutes before opening up the shop on Saturday morning. It was a tough Winter, so reveling in the Spring gloriousness. The below from the big window behind the wrap stand later that day in between helping customers. Come visit us! Seattle is such a fun place to explore with tons to see & do. XO, T



Merry Christmas Wishes

20151225-091638.jpg It is our yearly tradition to wake up Christmas morning at the Inn at the Market. To feel the stillness of quiet in a place we hold so near and dear, which is normally bustling with so much activity. To look out the window and see the stalls empty, knowing everyone is home enjoying a day of rest, after the busyness of the season. I know many of you are doing the same. Enjoying the day with friends or family or both. We just received word that our niece Caitlin, who is the chef I have written about in the past, had her baby this morning in New York. So it is a happy day indeed in the Watson Sive household. It will be a relaxing day and then off to dinner at friends, another tradition of many years. I think that is what I love most about the season, the traditions we all enjoy from year to year.

From my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas!



The Christmas Tree at 86 Pine Street

20141202-072822.jpg I wanted to tell you about the beyond big & beyond beautiful Christmas tree in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market. This is where our Fine Living shop is located, at 86 Pine Street. This tree is quite something all lit up in its sparkly glory. It is the perfect spot to come have your picture taken with your family, which is highly encouraged. The tree is set up next to the fountain which has the very cool Joe McDonnell sculpture in it. The entire setting is just a delight. If you are in the Seattle area this Holiday season, please stop by and see. It just puts you in a festive mood.



A Jolly Christmas to All

20131225-063058.jpg Wishing all of you a happy, joyous, jolly Christmas! If you don’t celebrate the holiday, I wish you a lovely day, as well!

We are ensconced in a suite at the Inn at the Market. So fun to wake up on Christmas morning in the Pike Place Market. It has been our tradition for the last 10+ years, one we adore. It is a gift from the Inn to us, and after a long 24th day at the Fine Living shop, which is located directly below where we are residing at the moment. It is so easy & relaxing to just close up shop at 6 and head right up to our room. Cassoulet from Cafe Campagne, a bottle of Veuve, Classic King FM playing in the background, watching the ferries on the Sound, fast asleep and dreaming by 10.

May your day be all you want it to be.
Sending love and good cheer,




Inn at the Market Courtyard

20131201-071437.jpg If you are in the Seattle area in the next month, you must stop by and see the beauty of the Inn at the Market courtyard. They were completing all the decorations and installing the trees yesterday, and by last evening everything was just magical. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the courtyard, it is a pretty special spot. I think of it as one of the hidden gems of Seattle. With all of the potted trees and plants and flowers and lights–it looks pretty darn cool all year round. But the Holiday decorations just take it all to the next level. There is also a decked out sleigh for picture taking, which makes the spot so cute for a photo with kids. Or pooches, which I saw a ton of yesterday. So sweet! At 86 Pine Street.

A relaxing, joyous Sunday and start of December to you all.