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Ted’s Tip No. 222

Travel need not be boring. A little planning ahead can actually make it a bit of a party. Popcorn, pistachios in the shell, oranges, marmalade sandwiches made with big chunks of cheddar, newspapers, a few good books & magazines along with a laptop for movies and the flight just seems to fly by.



Ted’s Tip No. 221

When you buy beautiful looking produce, leave it on the counter to appreciate the beauty if you are cooking it that eve. Your eye will catch it when you walk by and be instantly pleased. It is natural beauty to be enjoyed with your eyes and your tummy.



Ted’s Tip No. 220

A fun way to pay it forward is to pass on a book you have just finished reading to a friend. Sign your name at the top of one of the opening blank pages. Encourage your friend to sign it and pass it on after they have finished reading it. As the list of names added to the book grows, how fun to think of the journey it has been on that started with you.



Dish Towels as Placemats

Often times dish towels can have really beautiful designs or patterns throughout. Think outside the box, making that gorgeous dish towel a placemat. Perfect for a potentially messy meal, such as spaghetti, as the ‘placemat’ can easily go into the wash after.



Ted’s Tip No. 219

As the day turns from Summer to Autumn, take a moment to reflect on the memorable in your life over the last few months. Then take another moment to make plans for something memorable in the coming months. The change of season is a lovely time to slow the clock down a bit to reflect on all the good in your life.



Ted’s Tip No. 218

For this our official last week of Summer, grab every chance you can to dine alfresco. Be it a table outside at a restaurant, a picnic blanket on the beach, or a napkin folded over your lap on a park bench–take that opportunity to enjoy a meal with the sun or the moon.



Ted’s Tip No. 217

Today’s Ted’s Tip words from the great Arthur Ashe. This is above the players entrance at the US Open. What wise, wise advice for all of us each and every day. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.



Ted’s Tip No. 216

With tomatoes at their most plentiful and glorious, serve and enjoy them as often as you can. A simple vessel of salt next to a bowl of the beauties and you are all set for a healthy snack or an easy app if serving guests.



Ted’s Tip No. 215

A collection can really start with a few things–by displaying them together you get a much bigger visual impact than if the grouping is scattered about.



You Know When You Know

My advice always when it comes to buying furniture or art, is to wait until you find just the right piece. You just know it when you see it. It feels right. It stirs something in your soul. Then your home is filled with things that tickle you at every turn. Wherever you eye lands, there is a memory. Visually it creates happiness and contentment. I promise, it will be worth the wait. Case in point. We have longed for a dresser in our bedroom at Hawthorne. Nothing over the years we saw excited us. Until it did. The minute I spotted it the other day, I knew. I just knew. Measurements were taken and the following day TPS came with me to look at it too, and he just knew. Ring us up, please! The piece perfect for the space and works just right with everything else in the room. I can’t stop looking at it. The wait was long, but oh so worth it. You know when you know.