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Love in the Details

20130719-055111.jpg We head back to Seattle this evening. It has been quite a week. We have made our lists, envisioned how we see we will live in the spaces, talked furniture options, and have both been smiling from ear to ear. We squeezed in a bit of relaxation, and awoke early to the amazing symphony of birds singing.

20130719-055558.jpg I laughed when I unpacked these Hermes towels and thought that the ‘H’ could also stand for Hawthorne.



20130719-055902.jpg We have been relishing in all the lovely details. The hydrangea that run the length of both sides of the house add a perky bit of color. I love snipping single blooms and setting them about. The green leaves as pretty as the blooms.

20130719-060150.jpg The original claw foot tube in the downstairs bathroom. Loving all the vintage details.


20130719-060413.jpg There is really so little work we have to do. Green, gray and black are the colors that prevail. The look so handsome against all the crisp white. We are choosing several shades of green to paint the rooms to freshen them up and put our spin on things. Part of our vintage green McCoy pottery collection will find a home here too.

20130719-060800.jpg The heat has enveloped us and welcomed us to the area. Bailey, ever the seasoned traveller, has found a spot next to a fan each day. Not sure she is as big a fan of the heat as we are.

Thank you all for joining us this week on our adventure. As always, such a treat to have you along. We will be back in August. For more heat I am sure. Back to work tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what new dahlias the Market vendors have in store…



Snapshots at Hawthorne

20130718-084038.jpg It has really just been a whirlwind few days of just being in the house, unpacking, shopping, and just trying to sit still a bit and enjoy. Finding this house came together quite quickly. We are both still shaking our heads a bit, as this has been something we have wanted, planned for, and have been dreaming about for close to 20 years. A dream realized in some ways does feel like a dream initially.

20130718-084534.jpg A bit about the house. We bought it from an architect who lived in NYC and this was his country home. He moved to New Orleans a few years ago, and decided to put it up for sale as he was using it so rarely. He put a tremendous amount of love & care into the place over the years, meticulously renovating it.

20130718-084907.jpg It is interesting how aesthetics can somehow align, as there really is close to nothing we would change. The moment we walked into the house we knew it was the one. The above screened in back porch has a big fireplace in it that we can’t wait to use on chilly visits.

20130718-085159.jpg The house was built in 1920. The area has been one of our very favorite for years. We are in the Hawthorne Valley, so you really get the rolling hills that are so iconic to the Hudson River Valley. There is the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School less than a mile away, which emphasizes environmental education and organic farming. They have a 400 acre biodynamic farm. The farm store is right next to the school in the village and it is extraordinary. That will be our grocery store. We have been to it several times each day already.


20130718-090217.jpg Those we know who have seen the house so far say it just seems like us. I love that. The spaces just feel good. There is a tremendous attention to detail throughout, and you all know how important I think the details are.


20130718-090607.jpg We look forward to filling it up in the coming years. These last few days have created lots of list and much dreaming & scheming for how we envision the spaces.


20130718-090827.jpg Of course entertaining will always play a big part of the life of any house we are in, which ultimately I think makes it a home. A smattering of hotel silver, a Hugo Guinness, a few glassybaby, a bar set-up–and we are off and running!




20130717-074937.jpg Oh my word, I am so happy to bring you this bit of news. Funny how life throws at you curve balls. I have always been of the mindset that how you deal with those variations is what makes your life interesting and you also learn what you are made of. Several months ago we ran into a few glitches involving the building of our home in upstate New York, on the property we purchased close to 10 years ago. It was then that we decided to put the project on hold for a bit. The decision was gut wrenching as we feel as if we had planned and waited and were ready. At that time we thought, let’s think about buying something in the area so we can start to enjoy being there now. 10 years passed in the blink of an eye, and we so longed to be in the area. The building of our EastView home could happen later. Well, not quite 2 months later, here we sit in just the sweetest 1920 farmhouse quite close to where our property is located. We closed on the house yesterday, which we have dubbed, Hawthorne. It overlooks the Hawthorne Valley and is in Ghent. We are both kind of over the moon. Be careful what you ask for, my dad always said, as you just might get it.

Tomorrow I will show some of the details that charmed us from the start. It is quite hot and quite humid here in Ghent, both things we love and reminds us of our childhood. You would have laughed if you would have seen how full our luggage was or felt how heavy the bags were the other day when we flew to New York. A new adventure begins…