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Creativity in Many Forms

As I was driving down to the shops yesterday from the apartment I snapped this image when I was stopped at one of the traffic lights along the way. It got me thinking about creativity and all the different forms that takes. Our fabulously cool Rem Koolhaas library stands as a beautiful sculptural piece of architecture in the middle of the city. Watching the team clean the windows made me think of how even everyday tasks such as cleaning windows can be a creative endeavor. It is just up to our mindset on how we approach it. It can either be an arduous task or one in which we see the poetic beauty of the movements and ultimately the beauty of the final result. Be it doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher or shopping for groceries–or a host of other activities. It is our mindset during the process that allows us to see the beauty in that moment.



Using What You Have

In a pinch, if you are not finding flowers to your liking, walk around your yard, your neighborhood or even just your own home–snip from plants, pull a few cool looking branches, cluster a bunch of ferns. Even a melon from the fridge adds to the mix. Using what you have around can be incredibly satisfying and gets your creative juices flowing to create a stylish tableau.



Ted’s Tip No. 107

Take a few moments each day to do something creative. Paint a little, write in your journal, put together the new recipe you thought up, arrange a group of flowers you just picked. Creativity comes in many forms. By taking some time each day, you keep your creative mind flowing, creating all sorts of wonder and goodness in your world. 



Stamp Creatively

Whether you buy your stamps on-line or at the post office, be sure to take a few extra moments and look through all the variety of stamps that are available to you. Keep in mind, you don’t always have to use just one stamp.  Sometimes a variety can make an envelope just absolutely sing.



Time to Reflect

20150306-040845.jpg Time to reflect. We all need it. Moments where we just turn everything off and just be. To recharge. To revel in our journey. To look back and to look forward. To breathe.

My wish for all of us is we get a bit of this time, often.

Sending tons of love from sunny Seattle,

P.S. My shopkeeper sale on One Kings Lane has been set, and I could not be more excited! Tomorrow morning at 8, West Coast time, Saturday the 7th of March. At the stroke of 8 the sale begins. Check it out on One Kings Lane



Random Acts of Creative Kindness

20150123-073111.jpg You might recognize this image from earlier in the week, when I posted it on Monday for my Ted’s Tip. Local Seattle artist, Jeanne McKay Hartmann, took the image and created a watercolor of it. I was so touched that the image resonated with her, putting her creativity & talent to work creating a likeness of the tableau. It got me thinking about kindness, talents and sharing those talents. We all have them. Even though I know lots of people don’t give themselves credit for having them. Baking a cake is a talent, as is knitting a scarf. Both things I have never attempted. To me, it takes a special skill and care to do both. I guess where I am headed with this is we all have things we do that are special but we take for granted that we know how to do them, and at times discount that skill. Jeanne shared her skill and talent of painting with me and it made my day. If you can bake a cake, make one and give it to a friend out of the blue. By doing that, you are sharing your talent. If you can knit, make a scarf for a friend and give it to them, just because, for no other reason than to show them you love them. If you have a way with words, write them in a letter to a friend. If you have a love of shoveling snow or mowing grass, surprise an elderly neighbor by taking care of that task for them. We all have things we like to make/create/do, by sharing them, we create random acts of creative kindness.