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White Pumpkins, Geranium & Hydrangea

Love this time of year when there are still so many options to choose from when setting a table, along with the divine mini pumpkins. While the hydrangea have started to dry a bit, they still add such a happiness. The grocery store geranium soaking up the sun in this particular spot and thriving. Then a variety of things green pulled to finish up the table for a weeknight meal, once the candles were lit.



Creamy White Roses & Pumpkins 

As November begins to unfold, Flower Friday eases us in with tiny creamy white roses and pumpkins brought back in our suitcase from New York because I just could not leave them all behind.  They will be enjoyed on the dining table right on up to Thanksgiving.  A lovely start of the week-end to you all!  



The Beauty of Taft Farms

We arrived to Hawthorne late Thursday eve.  We hopped out of bed on early Friday morning, so excited to take the picturesque autumnal drive from Ghent to Great Barrington in Massachusetts.  Just a tad over a half of an hour, it was the beginning of seeing the colors change, with each valley slightly different, as some are cooler or higher and the leaves progress at difference paces–it is just such a spectacularly stunning time to be in the Hudson Valley.  This is our fourth year in a row to be here at this exact time, it is like watching live natural theater.  Taft Farms was at the top of the list.  Our friend Mimi from Little Ghent Farm pointed us in their direction last year, for which we will be eternally grateful.  The Taft family has a 200 acre farm that produces some of the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen.  Plus tasty, tasty apples.  Their store is filled with all the above plus food & flowers.  It is a ‘must see’ if you are ever in the area.  I clicked away a few images and then dug into filling up our wheelbarrow full of pumpkins.  



Pumpkins Aplenty, Autumn in the Midwest

We have been in the Milwaukee area this week-end celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday.  A country drive yesterday put us in this scrumptious area where I snapped these shots.  An impeccable farm with pumpkins galore.

The Midwest sky changing by the minute and within no time there was a loud crack of thunder (which sends Bailey immediately into shaking mode, poor bug, breaks our heart) and the rains began.  A little while later is was clear again.  We were able to sit outside for more of a visit, and within the next hour the rains & thunder were back.  All a reminder of my childhood and the intensity of that heavy rain, which I always loved.  We head back to Seattle this eve.  What a wonderful fete to ring in her next decade.



Major Pumpkin Love at Taft Farms

We don’t fully feel settled in on our October stay until we have a few pumpkins scattered about. We were told of Taft Farms in Great Barrington, Massachusetts by our friend Mimi at Little Ghent Farm when we went to pick up a loaf of bread from her the other day at their farm stand. She said they had the most extraordinary variety and amount of pumpkins she had ever seen. We took a meandering back country road drive and wound up there yesterday morning. We were just in awe. She could not have been more right.