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2017 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé

Always a happy day when I get the call from Pike & Western Wine that the latest Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé has arrived. A Summer Wine Wednesday would not be complete without a mention of my all-time favorite rosé. It the benchmark which I hold all other rosé. A Kermit Lynch import, this wine is so sought after that it gets snatched up quite quickly. It is distributed quite widely, so it is available in most regions. Double the price of most bottles of rosé I typically write about, it is always a huge treat when we enjoy a bottle, so worth every penny. My tip for special bottles you savor–buy 6 bottles or a case. Almost always the price drops as most wine merchants give you a volume discount when you buy 6 or more bottles. If you see this on a wine list menu or on your wine shop shelves, I promise you are in for a treat.



Château Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc

20151028-043005.jpg Once again, Kermit Lynch comes to the rescue. I have written a bit before about this legendary wine importer out of Berkeley. If you are ever in that hood, stop into his wine shop too, it is really pretty awesome. The gentleman at the wine shop in Hudson pointed me in the direction of this tasty bottle when I told him we were serving salmon for dinner after enjoying a bottle of Veuve along with an afternoon of laughs & story telling with visiting friends. He thought this was the winner. He was right. It’s a blend of mostly Sémillon, with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. It was perfect with the meal, and it was perfect as we finished up the day sitting on the back porch by the fire.

A word about my Wine Wednesday posts. Often I get e-mails from readers asking where to find a certain wine I write about. My suggestion always is to strike up a conversation with your local wine shop and see if they can get their hands on certain bottles if they don’t stock it. Often times they will work with a certain distributor but not carry the bottle you are looking for, but are happy to bring it in for you on their next order. If they don’t work with that particular distributor, they might be able to point you into the direction of another wine shop or grocer that does. Hope that helps on your search in your neck of the woods.