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Kips Bay 2017

Design and flowers, gets me every time. I made a quick stop/run through the Kips Bay Decorator Show House as we were heading out of the city last week and heading up north to Hawthorne. This is my annual pilgrimage, as I really try to never miss it. While often many of the rooms are not in a style of how I would design a room, I always come away with ideas. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all. Comfort plays such a large role in my design style. Often many of the rooms are more like a stage set, and I don’t really see how someone could hang out/really live in them. But there are always bits & pieces I take away for inspiration, that might show up in a room in one of our homes or in a display at one of the shops. Design, make that good design, really is pliable and flexible and can and should work in many different environments. The above and the first 4 images below from the dining room Ken Fulk created. Ken is an acquaintance who I met through my friend Tolan. He was throwing one of his famous parties in San Francisco when I was there doing a few book signings and he invited me to it. Ken is a hugely creative soul who often works crazy beautiful flowers into his designs, so I am always drawn to them. I mean seriously, how spectacular are all those branches on the dining table? He also has a love for green, as you will see in this room. So of course, the room was an instant favorite.

Artwork, not just the individual works, but also how things are hung are always of great interest. As well as how flowers are displayed. Again, ideas, ideas, ideas. Kips Bay (or any designer showhouse for that matter) is always like taking a quick master class in design. We must never stop learning, as there are ideas galore at each turn.



Kips Bay Decorator Show House

I was so fortunate to squeeze in a quick tour of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House on our last New York visit. It is the last week to see it, so if you are in the city, do try and take it in. The house is filled with design ideas & inspiration. That is always my drive to want to see it–to be surrounded by room after room of ideas. Each room is created by one of the great minds of design, where they are given the freedom to do as they want. I had the pleasure of meeting Alessandra Branca, one of the designers I admire. We follow each other on Instagram. What an incredibly soulful woman, who created just a beautiful room. Spaces also by Thom Filicia, Tilton Fenwick (who attended my book signing party in New York), and Mark D. Sikes were some of my very favorite. Since 1973 the show house was created as a major fundraiser for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. Since I was a young kid interested in design, reading about the Kips Bay house each year was always a source of inspiration–it is such a treat to now see it each May in person for the last few years. Here is a look at what caught my eye…
















Kips Bay Decorator Show House

20130521-053650.jpg Yesterday was the kick-off of the Blogfest on Design. Some of you might remember, this was the event I attended last year too. Folks from around the country coming together (who write blogs where design is part of the mix) for a few action packed days of design heaven. Pure fun for me. The day began at the Kips Bay Show House. I remember reading about Kips Bay when I was a kid, interested in design and thinking how cool it would be to see it. It is a townhouse filled with inspiration and design ideas. A different designer does each room, creating a design laboratory that is just visually amazing. It is quite hard to describe, so I will let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!



















More of the Fab Kips Bay

20120531-065209.jpg I thought the Kips Bay Decorator Show House warranted a 2 day tour, as there is just so much beauty & detail to soak in. Here is more of all that good stuff.











20120531-071435.jpg Special thanks to the kind folks at Kips Bay for letting us take photos so we could all share how special the 2 homes turned out. To the host of designers who created such magical spaces, it was a delight to meet so many of you and chat a bit. Bunny Williams, Brian McCarthy, David Kleinberg, Thom Filicia, Charlotte Moss, Jamie Drake, Bryant Keller, Alexa Hampton, Todd Alexander Romano and many more thank you so much for all the design inspiration!



Kips Bay Show House

20120530-070703.jpg As promised last week, I thought a post about the 40th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House would be a fun mid-week visual tour. I am still buzzing from all the exciting things we did, and all the cool folks I met at the Blogfest on Design that I attended last week in New York. It all started off at the Kips Bay House. The 2 penthouses were at The Aldyn on Riverside Boulevard, overlooking The Hudson River. Since I was a young kid interested in design, I have read about Kips Bay, so it was such a treat to go, and meet many of the designers who put the rooms together. As in most show houses, ideas abound. Here is what caught my attention and my eye.










More tomorrow…



Blogfest on Design

20120522-062318.jpg It was a very exciting late afternoon as the Blogfest on Design event began. Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest welcomed us to the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, and stressed how much she and her magazine rely on design blogs for information, ideas & inspiration. We toured the 2 amazing penthouses, that were stunningly put together by some of New York’s top designers.

20120522-062956.jpg I took tons of photos to share, but am up early for an all-day event, so will post a lengthy Kips Bay update next week when we are back in Seattle. But I did want to share my favorite part. A room was done in homage to the late Albert Hadley, whom I hold in the highest regard. The silver frame holding his photo on a side table, was just the perfect touch.

20120522-063411.jpg Being a famous lover of gin, no wonder I adored him so much, an all-gin bar was set on a console. That brought a huge smile to my face.

20120522-063617.jpg And the parting gift from Margaret Russell was this “Don’t Forget” pad that Mister Hadley was so well known for using. It could not of been a better touch.

20120522-063844.jpg It is also TPS’s 50th birthday today! He is spending the day with his parents in Montclair, then we are having dinner, just the 2 of us, with Bailey, of course, tonight. A perfect birthday day.