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The Allure of Postage Stamps

20140926-052225.jpg There it was. Sitting ever so beautifully on the table Claudia had set up for me when I did my book signing at Bell’occhio last Saturday. The above envelope that was ever so artfully addressed to me by a friend/co-worker of our beloved Whitney. That is a whole other story, but just know what was inside that envelope was equally if not more fabulous than the outside. But back to those gorgeous stamps. By now, you know my feeling on the importance of a hand-written note. They are becoming increasing rare these days, so their importance and specialness are even greater. A stamp, or here, stamps, can tie the whole thing together. They are akin to ribbon on a package. A well thought out stamp can be the cherry on top of the cake for the envelope. In this case, the sender also took the envelope to the post office and had them hand stamp it. A service many a postal clerk will gladly do for you. My point with this really is stamps can make a difference and make a note or letter just sing. When you are at the post office or on the postal service website ordering stamps, buy a few extra that you are drawn to. Start a small collection that you can pull from that you think adds to what you are sending. I promise you, the extra effort will rarely go unnoticed.



Looking All Around + Down

Just getting back from a quick trip, I am once again reminded of the importance of keeping your eyes open to seeing all the details that are swirling around us all the time. In particular, looking down. I so often read about the importance of looking up so you don’t miss details, but on this trip I was made aware of remembering to look down too. Carpet details, cool cracks or markings in flooring, tiles that create a soothing pattern–all small details that can get your creative juices flowing. There is just something about travel that re-boots you to slowing down a bit and looking around. Goal is to keep that same mindset going when returning back home. We all have so much glorious detail surrounding us always. We just have to see it.






Beauty In an Object: The Log Box

20130221-065932.jpg Objects can add so much character to a room. The above boxes fashioned out of old logs and thick branches fit into that category. We have been carrying the log boxes at Watson Kennedy for quite some time. Each is truly a one of a kind work of nature. Every so often I am drawn to one and have to bring it home. Ahhhh, the temptation of the shopkeeper.

20130221-070419.jpg We often sell them to customers as little jewelry boxes. The top swivels open revealing a compartment inside the box that would work holding a variety of things.

20130221-070619.jpg But what I am drawn to is the uniqueness of each one. Singly, or massed together, they bring a bit of nature inside. The sun was shining so brightly the other day, the pair nestled together on our dining table, adding so much to the environment of the room.