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Photo Albums

My mom always kept a photo album going when I was growing up. Actually make that well into being grown up. She always wanted us sending her pictures so she could add them to one she was currently adding to at the moment. Sometimes they would be these quite large oversized versions, with several spots on a page for an image. Others would be much smaller with just one photo on a page. Sometimes the albums had a theme, others were just random captures over time. My siblings and I split the albums up these past months, taking the ones that had the most meaning to us individually. They truly are a walk down memory lane. A look back on your history. Above my parents shortly after they were married. Below at the US Open watching tennis with my best friend from college and fraternity brother, Devin. Do folks still put together photo albums in this ‘click and take a photo from our phone’ world we now live in? I sure hope so. They really are quite lovely and there is a happy nostalgia around leafing through pages instead of scrolling through a feed on a device. Cheers to photo albums, past and present!



Shirley Ann Watson

My mother died last night comfortably in her sleep after a sudden illness. We flew to Chicago from New York early Sunday morning to be with her. Bailey jumped out of her black Sherpa bag that she travels in right onto my mom’s stomach. TPS getting to hold her hands to comfort her. Oh how she loved them both. We got several hours with her before the morphine and other drugs put her into a restful, almost twilight-ish sleep. Her last words as she held my arms tightly as I stroked her head, were ‘I love you’ as she looked right into my eyes. The hospice nurses could not have been more lovely and caring and warm, to both my mom and to my family. This photo from her 90th birthday a few years ago. She always had such style. Rest In Peace mom, I know dad was anxiously waiting in the heavens for you…