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August Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs

This is the time we wait for all Summer when the farm stands are brimming with fresh tomatoes in all sorts of colors, shapes & sizes. It is also when herbs are growing like weeds and you want to use them in every possible thing, in every possible way.

Slicing the tomatoes up and having them simply with sea salt is about as easy and satisfying as it gets. The purity & simplicity hard to beat. Then try tearing up tarragon with a splash of white wine vinegar for a twist. Or serve with mozzarella or burrata along with basil for a Caprese twist. Bathed in just the very best extra virgin olive oil is sublime as well as a heavy hand with the balsamic. However you chose to slice it, enjoying the heck out of them this time of the season is just pure joy.



Kumato Tomatoes with Fresh Sliced Mozzarella

20140618-063745.jpg First off, we are new to the world of Kumato tomatoes. Ted went grocery shopping out on the island Sunday and bought them. They come in a little long cardboard box which is wrapped in a sealed cello bag. The tomatoes are incredibly uniform and are a beautiful greenish to brownish color. At first look, you would think they are unripe and would need to sit for days to ripen. Not is the case with these very unique Kumatoes. Once you slice into them, they are incredibly sweet. Within minutes we were sitting and enjoying them with our lunch. Last night I served them to our friend Jewel who is up from Eugene on business. TPS is out of town for work, so we had a lovely evening catching up. The tomatoes were just so tasty to have with cocktails. I made a Caprese of sorts, but omitted the basil as I really wanted the sweetness of the Kumato to shine through. I added a few pinches of Fleur de Sel to the sliced tomatoes, cut fresh mozzarella, layered the two, then dosed the whole lot with Grove 45 extra virgin olive oil. The tomato juices mixed with the EVOO when you cut into it all was just divine. Really the simplest, simplest thing.