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The Market Tulips Have Arrived!

20131223-052924.jpg My oh my, this is the earliest the tulips have arrived at the Market. Before Christmas and all. Very little would make me get into the car on my day of rest, but tulips will. They feed my soul with so much happiness, and seeing those bucket after bucket of tulips yesterday did just that. Plus most of them were white, which is one of my very favorite colors this time of year for blooms.

20131223-053419.jpg Grown in hothouses up in the Skagit Valley and driven down most days, they are perky and fresh and just downright pretty. The photos of them in the buckets they appear quite creamy in tone, but once home, the vibrant white just perked up the living room coffee table. Something about flowers that so speak of Spring at the beginning of Winter just makes me smile.




Tulips, Ice Buckets & Memories

20120218-065153.jpg Certain things can trigger a memory, and in this case, it is a happy one. The Market had the most gorgeous tulips the other day, and I could not resist buying a few abundant bunches. When I got them home, and spread them out to clean & cut, I spotted an ice bucket that I wanted to use them in. I was instantly thrown back to being on a boat for Opening Day of boating season 20+ years ago. Our friends Keith & Mary Kay had invited us to join them. When we walked onto the boat, in the center of the dining table was this crystal ice bucket overflowing with a massive amount of tulips. TPS and I were just a few years out of college, and the idea of creating such an abundant, simple arrangement had not really slipped into my design conscious yet. It is a visual I will never forget. It is also a memory of our friend Keith that will stay with me always.




Martinis & Pizza

20120130-062821.jpg Our Friday night tradition of martinis and pizza began ages ago. I love the high/low of it all. We often times have friends over, as it is a super relaxing way to entertain after a busy week. This last Friday, we had friends over who had given us an incredibly beautiful red Elsa Peretti “thumbprint” bowl for a wedding present in the summer. I really wanted to set the table using the bowl–the Venetian glass having the slightest shimmer from a dusting of gold leaf on the interior. I knew it would be great in the center of the table. I found the prettiest yellow tulips with bits of red running throughout that would be perfect with the bowl, as well as the red and gold lidded apothecary jars. Vintage Wedgwood plates with a gold rim that were a gift from my sister would pull it all together. Scented geraniums in pots that are growing like weeds would be fun. The curly, dancing stems seeming to mimic the lines of the bowl. I had yet to use the roll of paper tablecloth we sell at Watson Kennedy, so this was the chance.







20120130-064524.jpg We arrived in New York late yesterday afternoon after a fairly bumpy flight and a rough landing, so I am happy to have my feet back on the ground. It is an early start, as I have tons of ground to cover in 3 days of walking the show. I will share some of my favorite finds tomorrow…



Champagne Bucket as Vase

20111004-043349.jpg We were given the Tiffany & Co. Atlas champagne cooler/ice bucket as a wedding gift from our beloved CoCo. It has been on our dining table for the last week naked. I decided it was just way too pretty to be sitting empty. A quick trip to Bert’s in Madison Park, where I picked up the most lovely hydrangea stems, did the trick. Filling the bucket was a reminder that many different containers work great as vases. Vintage trophies, pitchers, bowls–all work wonderfully, and add visual interest all on their own.