The Market Tulips Have Arrived!

December 23, 2013

20131223-052924.jpg My oh my, this is the earliest the tulips have arrived at the Market. Before Christmas and all. Very little would make me get into the car on my day of rest, but tulips will. They feed my soul with so much happiness, and seeing those bucket after bucket of tulips yesterday did just that. Plus most of them were white, which is one of my very favorite colors this time of year for blooms.

20131223-053419.jpg Grown in hothouses up in the Skagit Valley and driven down most days, they are perky and fresh and just downright pretty. The photos of them in the buckets they appear quite creamy in tone, but once home, the vibrant white just perked up the living room coffee table. Something about flowers that so speak of Spring at the beginning of Winter just makes me smile.