Endings, Beginnings, Gratitude & Love

December 31, 2023

This day is always one where I look back and look ahead. To give immense thanks and gratitude on many, many levels for what was and what will be. To plan for meaningful and productive days in the year ahead. Giving thanks to me is a 365 days a year offering/ritual/habit. One I was so fortunate to learn growing up. But on this day I feel even more possessed to thank all those that fill our lives with a tremendous amount of goodness. If you are reading this, most likely, YOU are on that list. To our family and our family of friends aka framily, the incredible WK family that keeps everything running so beautifully, the fabulous, stylish, lovely Watson Kennedy customers around the globe, the artists, artisans and vendors that make what we do special beyond words, the daily blog and book and social media followers that cheer us on each day. To my spectacular publisher and editor as we embark on book number three this year and the group of fine folks who take such thoughtful care of our homes and make them the places we always want to be. If I missed anyone, my apologies. Owning a small family business takes a village. We are so fortunate/lucky/blessed to have one heck of a village. We send you all much, much love, gratitude and thanks. Happy almost New Year!