Gotta Love a Cool Holiday Card

December 1, 2012

20121201-061906.jpg A happy December and start of the month to all of you. To many, it marks the time to begin writing and sending Holiday & Christmas cards. I have such fond memories of watching my Mother spread out all of her writing supplies and cards out onto the dining table and begin the process when I was a child. The amount of time, love and care she put into each card was such a formative thing to see. Cards and stationery have come a long way since then, as there are so many marvelous small companies and artisans who now produce beautiful product. We have a basket of single cello cards at each shop set up on the front table filled with such cards. It is so interesting to watch folks thoughtfully look through the basket and see what cards resonate with them. Makers like Smock, Natalie Eden, Rifle Paper Co., to name a few–who all create such memorable cards. Again, the amount of time, love and care they all put into making these cards will make any recipient of them feel quite special. There really is nothing quite like receiving a hand written card/note, is there?

A special shout-out to the fab group of blog readers who made a “special outing day” yesterday of coming to shop the First Avenue store. It was so lovely to meet all of you. Thank you for making my day.