Savoring the Moment

December 2, 2012

20121202-102808.jpg A life well lived really is about savoring the small moments. It has been an incredibly fun, super busy week at the shops. I came home last night, fed Bailey, had a simple dinner, then fell dead asleep on the bed at 7, only to wake this morning at 9. TPS has been out of town this week interviewing contractors for our home in New York. It was a trip we were supposed to take together the week the hurricane hit. Me being away at this busy time was just not in the cards. More on his trip later. After I took Bailey out for her walk and then her breakfast, I decided I wanted to sit at the dining table and have a civilized breakfast, solo. I wanted to honor the meal and the quiet time of a Sunday morning. I turned on the Classical music, lit the candles, made myself breakfast, and had a leisurely breakfast reading The New York Times. So often, I think we put huge emphasis on the big moments, and let the small ones slip by without notice–to be still, soak it all in, and savor each moment.