A Full Day of Buying

August 21, 2013

It was a non-stop day of buying at the show. It is really such fun, but also a tad stressful. “Oh, you get to go to New York and go shopping!” is occasionally said to me before we depart on trip to New York. Shopping to me is when we get to keep the goods. Buying is when I buy things to resell them which is what I do almost daily. Waking a show looking for the gems in a sea of, and I really want to be nice with this, so I will just say quite a few non-gems–takes laser like concentration. The stress comes in because you are making decisions left & right, and are spending a whole lot of dough. I adore the process, but I really try and stay focused the entire time, so by the end of the day I am beat. A good beat. Here are a few of the gems that caught my eye and will be coming soon to WK.