Boxwood & Lavender

May 28, 2021

Flower Friday the front of Hawthorne tableau. One of the lions looking over the peony that are about to burst. A bundle will come back on the airplane with us next week for sure. Boxwood were added underneath the limelight hydrangea on both sides of the steps leading up to the front door. The stairs next up to get a fresh paint job. The heavy snows of last year into April of this year did a number on them. A variety of three different lavender filled an area to the side of the house we have been wanting to fill with something beautiful the deer would not devour. The spot gets tons of sun so they should thrive there. Will be fun to see all of it as it in a few months after it has had time to settle and grow when we are back in steamy August. Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day week-end!