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Ted’s Tip No. 394

May 9, 2022

Napkins can easily do double duty as placemats. They especially come in handy for messy meals. Cleanup is a breeze. Into the washer they go.

The World Of Interiors

May 5, 2022

New to our shop shelves, the iconic The World Of Interiors magazine. I have long been a fan so it is ever so lovely that we now have it as one of our WK offerings. I find how people live and the objects they chose to surround themselves with absolutely fascinating. Design magazines give you a stylish glimpse into all sorts of creative world’s of folks across the globe. Very few capture it as beautifully as they do. Hamish Bowles, many will know of him from his years at Vogue, is the new Editor in Chief. The above his first issue, as well as ours. These make great gifts as well as spiff up any coffee table they grace. Like taking a trip around the world without the jet lag.

Made In Italy

May 4, 2022

Just In, a beyond gorgeous assortment of Murano glass vessels. I use the word vessel and not drinking glasses as these beauties really can wear lots of hats. Absolutely they will be divine dancing about a dining table at place settings holding water, wine or cocktails. But equally heavenly holding a low & tight grouping of flowers or a tealight to make the setting shine. Or holding nothing at all, just looking pretty on a side table or bookcase. Versatility here is the key. I spotted the oversized boxes in the receiving room after we had closed up and everyone had left for home. Within minutes I was knee deep in packing material and bubble wrap starting to unpack these gems. What is pictured is a tiny bit of the variety. More to come. Happy Wednesday all. X