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Watson Kennedy Caps Have Arrived!

May 6, 2021

I go back and forth on whether to call them caps or hats, while I think technically both are right. Either way, excited they have arrived! These are some of the best quality hats out there. My collection over the years has become quite large, and the quality varies tremendously. I joke that being follicle-y challenged makes me a prime candidate for a cap. But it is true, my head gets cold! Plus they add an additional hit of stylish color to your outfit. Works for me.

The kind folks at the Paris Review shared their source with me on where they got their caps. Mine from them is my all-time favorite—for fit, color and the embroidery is exceptional. Little did you know today was going to be ‘Hat 101 by TKW’ which makes me smile. I chose the colors much like the vignettes at the shops. Hope you like. Good for both men and women, follicle-y challenged and not. Caps, much like objects, instantly bring back memories. Think that is a big part of why I enjoy wearing them too. A reminder of that amazing day in Paris at The French Open watching tennis, or being in New Orleans savoring grilled oysters. I am transported for a quick moment when I first don my cap. My hope is that it creates fond memories for folks who enjoy strolling our aisles as a memento of their experience at the shops.

Hunt & Gather

May 5, 2021

I am constantly on the search for the very best, most interesting goods for Watson Kennedy. It is a daily task that brings me huge joy and a ton of satisfaction. I take that same passion and channel it into objects that surround us at our homes. For years I have been on the hunt for a sterling silver shovel to use as our salt scoop on the dining table at The Gainsborough in town. Some people could poke their head into our lives and say it is filled with lots of ‘stuff’ and turn running for the hills! But to us it is way more than just stuff. Every thing, right down to the smallest of things like this little salt scoop has been given considerable thought and care. It all becomes part of our story. My point to all this is something I have certainly written quite a bit about over the years but I can’t stress it enough. Fill your lives with things that bring you immense joy, right down to the smallest of items. Where everywhere your eye lands brings back a fond memory. Along with a big smile and little flutter in your heart.

An Homage To The Classics

May 4, 2021

The Classics by artist Mindy Carpenter. Each an original painting created in homage to iconic goods that are instantly recognizable. A sweet treat for Mother’s Day that never goes out of fashion. Below some of my favorites chosen for the occasion.

Ted’s Tip No. 302

May 3, 2021

Set your flowers, vegetables and herbs out in the morning you are going to cook dinner. They will provide a tremendous amount of inspiration along with a great deal of joy throughout the day when you walk by the tableau.

Watson Kennedy Fine Home Turns 20 Today!

May 1, 2021

Please join us today, Saturday May 1st, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of our First & Spring shop in downtown Seattle! I will be handing out tulips from the Pike Place Market, our tradition that started on that very first day twenty years ago honoring May Day. So come see us from 11 to 6 if you are in the area. There might even be an extra little treat that finds its way into your bag if you come shop with us! For those of you from afar, if you order today from our website, that same treat will end up in your parcel too. Cheers to 20!

Lilac Season Begins

April 30, 2021

Flower Friday about the start of the divine lilac season. It might be short but it is indeed sweet. Here the dining table at Hawthorne from 2019 on our May stay. Looking forward in a few weeks to being back and have bunches of them around the house. I saw my first buckets of the season at the Market the other day, as well as lots of flowery folks beginning to post about them. Just writing about lilacs now fills me with the memory of their heavenly scent. Have a lovely first of May week-end everyone! X, T