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Ruffly Flower Friday Tulips

March 24, 2023

Flower Friday a bundle of ruffly divine tulips all snuggled together that have been entertaining the heck out of this week. The amount of joy brought by them quite something. Absolute sunshine on rainy days and oh so cozy with the candles lit in the eve. These made the ferry ride over from the island. When we pulled up to Forest Garden Farm they were calling out to me from the waiting buckets. Happy Friday all. Hope your weekend is superb. X

Clicking Away

March 23, 2023

I love to click away images after the overhead lights have been turned off after a long busy day. The stillness and quiet relished for a quick bit of time before we head home. The lamps and unit lighting creating an overall warmth I quite love. The process preserves a moment in time.

Book Signing at Emry Boutique

March 22, 2023

Please join me tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd of March, from 3 to 6, at the lovely Emry Boutique in Arboretum Court in Madison Valley for a book signing. Shop owner Ryan, along with her husband Nick, who owns the fabulous Nick’s right next door, are hosts extraordinaire, so a good time is sure to be had. Ryan is the niece of one of our dearest friends, Jackie, who I met when first moving to Seattle over 35 years ago. I love small world stories/situations! So hope you can stop by, do a little shopping, grab a signed book or two—it will be fun to see you. X, Ted


March 21, 2023

We were so fortunate to spend the first day of Spring yesterday out on the island at WestWard. While the morning was rainy, the afternoon was not so spent a bit of time out on the deck with the tulips soaking it all in. Barge and all. Let the warmth and sunshine and longer days and alfresco meals and proliferation of flowers begin!