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Roasted Cauliflower Rice

September 20, 2023

This is a composed dish I make often as it works great with a piece of fish or chicken placed on top for a one bowl meal. We are big cauliflower fans, so I am always looking for ways to mix it up and incorporate it into our meals. This could not be easier with the result super tasty.

First start the rice. We are big jasmine or basmati rice fans, so it is usually one of those two. Put rice into pan and add water. Follow the box or package instructions for ratio depending on how much you want to make. On high heat let the rice and water come to a boil. I always add two big pinches of salt, a glug of olive oil and a knob of butter. The trio adds lots of flavor to the rice. Stir with a fork as the rice often sticks to the bottom of the pan at this point. Once it starts to bubble and boil, turn heat down to medium to medium low. Cover for 15 minutes. After that amount of time, turn off the heat. Lift up the lid and quickly mix with the fork again and put the lid back on. It needs to sit another 15 minutes off the heat to finish cooking. It can sit for a good while and stay warm.

Oven to 400 degrees. Take a head of cauliflower and cut it up to very small pieces—florets and stems. Add them all to a baking sheet. Even the littlest pieces. Those will caramelize and be little bits of heaven. For the meal the other eve, I added a handful of capers too. You can certainly omit them as well. Add extra virgin olive oil to the cauliflower pieces on the pan along with a generous amount of salt. Mix all. Place in the oven and check every 10 minutes, each time moving the veg around the pan so things cook and brown evenly. Depending on the size and amount of cauliflower, 20 minutes to a half an hour should do the trick. You are looking for it to become golden on the edges. That adds looks of sweetness & texture to the dish.

Once done, carefully add the hot cauliflower to the rice. Mix. Enjoy!

A Compact & Tidy Bar Area

September 19, 2023

When I was away week before last doing a book signing, in the Q&A I was asked about setting up a bar area in your home. For gatherings in town, we actually have several set up so guests can help themselves throughout the course of the party/event. But really only one spot will absolutely do too. Here, we have it set up in our kitchen. A simple butcher block topped table becomes the bar holding liquor bottles, glassware, ice, openers, napkins. The melamine trays keeping things organized and are great for a spot to mix a drink. It is all tucked in a corner so it does not interfere with the flow of other things going on in the kitchen but also allows guests easy access for a drink. P.S. Bailey’s kitchen bed underneath the bar. She had many spots she loved around the apartment. Insert large smile. We take great comfort in seeing it there each day. She loved camping out here during a gathering. Our girl loved a good party!

Ted’s Tip No. 451

September 18, 2023

For the simplest happy quick center of the dining table arrangement, make a run to the grocery store. A stop in the produce aisle as well as the flower section, buy a bag of lemons and a big bunch of small yellow spray roses. Fill up a bowl or glass vase with the lemons for the center of the table and flank that with two clear vases or water glasses filled with the roses that low & tight in each vessel.

Big Bundles of Scented Geranium Clippings

September 15, 2023

This is the time of year I look so forward to in the scented geranium department. When all the island pots get a major trim and we bring that all into town to enjoy on the dining table and the entry hall. Simple treats can often be the best, and this definitely falls into that category. Many would just toss these, but we find great beauty in these stems. Plus each day I walk by the arrangements I rub my fingers against a leaf so it releases some of the prized scented geranium oil. Heaven. The gift that keeps on giving. Hope everyone has a spectacular last official weekend of Summer! X, T

Bailey in Candlelight

September 14, 2023

Each evening we get home in Seattle first thing I do is light the candle in front of the Bailey painting and have a little chat with our girl. It is such a soothing ritual. She may not be with us any longer in body, but her spirit stays with us in so many ways.

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