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A Saturday Thought

February 27, 2021

I saw this the other day and was instantly drawn to it. Laughter, humor and silliness rank pretty darn high on my list. I thought of all of our nieces & nephews and the amazingly fun and often silly times we have spent with them all over the years. Cheers to love, honesty, appreciation, kindness, strength and silliness!

Hydrangea Meets Shaggy Topiary

February 26, 2021

Flower Friday a cozy meeting of some grocery store hydrangea I picked out this week from Bert’s that nestled right up to a very in need of being clipped myrtle topiary that was a gift quite awhile ago that just keeps on going. I have never had much luck with keeping them happy/alive for an extended time—hope posting this does not jinx it! The duo have made for a peppy extra dose of green kitchen counter this week. A lovely start of the week-end all. X, T

A Green & Blue Window

February 25, 2021

Green and blue together, always a dreamy combo. Makes me instantly think of the grass and sky. Heather doing another bang up faux bois job creating a vibrant green backdrop for this newest window. The vintage European painting of an inlet was my inspiration. From there, we started pulling things that had the same or similar colors. One thing can often be my visual inspiration—and then we run with it. I always want our windows to transport you. To take you somewhere. That concept might take on even greater meaning during the time we are living through. A walk on a far away beach collecting shells. The sound of the water and the smell of the air.

AMASS Riverine Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

February 24, 2021

Wine & Dine Wednesday a new treat that arrived the other day that is now on our shelves and receiving quite a bit of buzz. Distilled non-alcoholic spirits have become increasingly popular as folks want to enjoy the herbaceous notes without the alcohol. This version, from the AMASS company that makes some of the best hand sanitizer on the market that we sell, is loaded with all sorts of goodness. Plus the cool bottle will look great on any bar it graces. Here is their description.

Riverine is a refined non-alcoholic spirit that encapsulates the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforest. Distilled with a regional blend of botanicals, it takes its cues from culinary practice for a distinct finish. Coniferous notes from Juniper are brightened by Sumac, Sorrel, Lemon Peel, and Apple, while Thyme, Mint, and Parsley lend a rich herbal earthiness. Each botanical is individually distilled in a proprietary hydrosteam distillation process to extract essential oils for a crisp and evergreen flavor profile reminiscent of the towering firs and coastal mountains of British Columbia.

The Tiny Magical Worlds of Virginia McCracken

February 23, 2021

Just In, another round of beyond delightful pieces by artist Virginia McCracken. Each box capturing a moment in time within the tiny magical worlds she creates. These pieces are adored by young and old. We have placed these in clients homes in multiples telling a charming visual story as well as children’s rooms where just one can take center stage.

Ted’s Tip No. 292

February 22, 2021

When setting a cheery table, choose one color and run with it. Right down to the flowers.

A Sunday Thought

February 21, 2021