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{Good News Alert}

March 28, 2020

I have some fun news to share with you all. During these trying times, doing everything possible to keep things positive & uplifting. Yesterday I was offered and accepted a two book deal with the extraordinary publisher, Gibbs Smith. They create beautiful books that we have long collected personally and sold for many years at WK. Their tag lines is, To Enrich and Inspire Humankind. Oh my word, sign me up! I feel such a connection to their message and to the awesome folks at the company. Writing a book is a very unique process. You become a team with your publisher, and working well with and liking those that make up your squad is paramount. I am very excited to get started and am pretty over the moon to put out into the world book 2 and 3! The first one is about entertaining. Titles can always change, but ‘The imPerfect Host’ is the idea. My feeling has always been that striving for perfection is what stops so many folks from having guests over. No one is a perfect host. Accepting that takes tons of the pressure off. It will be filled with entertaining ideas/tips, table settings and recipes. The second, an homage to our homes. Design ideas for town, beach and country–where style abounds. I will write, style & photograph the books, which gets me incredibly excited creatively. So many of you were with me every step of the way for ‘Style & Simplicity’ which meant the world to me, so I have been incredibly excited to share this news with you all. Plenty more about both books as the process begins…

This Is Our Now

March 27, 2020

I have been thinking of this for the last week—how we can not let these unsettling times define us. We must not let it rob us of our joy, for this is our now. This is when we live. Babies will be born, birthdays will be had, amazing meals will be made. It can be very easy to let this overwhelm us. But we must not. Let’s laugh and cry and sing. Let’s be captivated by the beauty of a flower, the sound of birds singing that wakes us up in the morning. I saw the sweetest couple walking their new little puppy yesterday morning when I was out walking Bailey. What a joyous sight that was. For this is their now and they will treasure the memories of when their pooch was a puppy. My friend Joanne who is ever so wise and ever so stylish wrote the other day, “love the life you have this moment.” I could not agree more, for this is the time given to us, this is our now.

A Quick Vignette Shot

March 26, 2020

Spent the better part of the last two days snapping away product shots to add to our website these next 2 weeks while we work from home. This shot a quick vignette image as I was scurrying around. Our displays are always fluid, a constant work in progress. A customer buys a few things from it and within minutes things get shifted around to ‘refresh’ the whole mix. Is what makes it fun, fresh and a treat for the eyes, as everywhere they land, there is something to delight.

Watson Kennedy Gift Cards

March 25, 2020

I hope this finds you all well, safe & sound and healthy. What an incredibly stressful time in the world. Nesting becomes even more vital. Our homes take on another level of importance. Being a small business owner, this has been by far some of the most stressful weeks since opening Watson Kennedy 21+ years ago. Seattle has gone to ‘shelter in place’ as I know many of you are part of where you live too. I chose the new green WK gift card as the top image, as these have been hugely popular for easy gift giving to friends around the country. These are super easy for us to mail out each day as we just need a postal box. As for shipping other goods, I will be personally packing up orders and will try my darndest to come in once a week (the rule is a ‘no contact with other people in the workplace’ so it will be me solo) to ship things out. Please keep this in mind if placing an order. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this unprecedented time as parcels will go out once a week. I can’t thank you all enough for the loyalty and support so many of you have shown us these past few weeks. I get teary just typing that. Much, much love, TKW

Laughter Is Key

March 24, 2020

Laughter to me is a tonic, a medicine, really like food, a necessity. If you know me, you know I have a very loud, very distinctive laugh. Which I try and use often. Oh my stars, I love to laugh. In times like these, it goes right up to the top of my list. Saw this. Loved this. Had to share.

Ted’s Tip No. 244

March 23, 2020

While the world has slowed a bit, take some of that time to sit in your favorite chair, savor your coffee, snuggle with your pooch, read the paper front to back, say a prayer, or just be.