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Ted’s Tip No. 476

April 8, 2024

Setting a table can be as easy as picking a color and running with it. Here blue in many hues creates a beach-y table in no time at all.

A Fluttery Bunch

April 5, 2024

Our kitchen bar area this week getting an extra dose of fluttery happiness. These tulips I picked up at the Market with Hendricks quite something. This particular variety and color a personal favorite as they have a serious peony vibe to them, with the reds and oranges and yellows and pinks melding and streaking through each petal. Once they begin to unfold, pure magic. Happy first weekend of April everyone! X, T

April Care Packages

April 4, 2024

How is it already April? Oh my. Our three newest Watson Kennedy Care Packages are lovingly assembled and are ready to make someone happy. I have such fun putting these together, envisioning the recipient opening up the parcel and unwrapping each item with glee. Much like a shop display, a theme is generally rolling around my brain when pulling things for these. Often, it is one item that starts the creative process. For the above care package, it was the new issue of Frederic magazine. Then I start adding items to the mix. My goal is for each item to stand out on its own, while being part of the cohesive mix. We have over 100+ on our website, so lots to peruse when you want to make someone’s day.

Spring Goodness

April 3, 2024

It is such a joy to unwrap all the new treats we are adding to our shop shelves & website rows. As a shopkeeper, the search for beautiful wares is a constant. The Spring light also tends to add a particular freshness to things too. Newness abounds. Above some favorites for the week. Below a new spectacular scent, Versailles, from the French candlemaker Trudon. The vessels quite something too.

A Market Day

April 2, 2024

April began with a full day at the Market shop. It was pretty spectacular in Seattle, so I had the door open most of the time which is such a huge treat. Mondays are my new day to work the floor at 86 Pine Street and I am really loving it. TPS drives me down with Hendricks and we stop by the other shop to pick up transfer bags so I can put out all the new product that has arrived for the week.

Yesterday was Hendricks first day to go around the Market stalls with me to pick out flowers. A tradition that started many years ago before I open the shop at 10. The field tulips are starting to show up more and more and are pure heaven. First of the season super thick asparagus was also on my wish list. I found a blissful bundle which got roasted for our supper last night along with steaks from Don & Joe’s. If you find yourself in the Pike Place Market on a Monday, please pop in to say hi. Always such a treat to see and meet blog readers. Happy start of a new Spring month. X