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Sunny Weeknight Supper

July 17, 2024

The geraniums are going wild with all this sunshine. I snipped a few stems for our alfresco dining table to snuggle up next to the hydrangea. Absolutely flowers of the moment on this July Wednesday. The red French Duralex drinking glasses fitting right in with the flowery duo. Can’t quite let go of the red, white & blue gingham tablecloth and napkins quite yet and swap it out for another. We have been enjoying them since the 4th. No major spills quite yet!

Seeing Yellow

July 16, 2024

All things sunny yellow on this July Tuesday. Such a happy hue. In all things—from our WK hat, to just arrived striped stoneware plates handmade in Italy, a new favorite cookbook and Murano glasses to delight.

Ted’s Tip No. 489

July 15, 2024

Roadside farmstands this time of year can be overflowing with some of the very best produce of the season. Plus shopping at them you are supporting a small business and local farmer, which is always a good thing.

The Simplest Of Hydrangea

July 12, 2024

Flower Friday the simplest tight arrangement of blue hydrangea that has been making us quite happy for quite some time. Our friend Barb cut some for us from her home, now over two weeks ago. The blooms made the ferry trip over to the island. I have changed out the water along with a fresh cut every few days, and they are still going strong. Hendricks keeping a watchful eye over them, or maybe he is just patiently waiting for his supper! Everyone have just the loveliest July weekend. X, T

Patchwork Madras Cocktail Napkins

July 11, 2024

Just In, and made for us in-house by our very own fabulous Carrie, a lovely assortment of patchwork madras cocktail napkins. Such a fun, preppy way to serve a drink. Last night Arnold Palmer drinks were on the menu at WestWard. Since each napkin is truly unique, they will only be offered at the First & Spring shop for purchase. It is such fun perusing through the stack to find the ones that catch your eye.