Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc

May 11, 2016

20160511-075356.jpg Wine Wednesday is a wine from Washington State. A really tasty Sauvignon Blanc from Waterbrook in Walla Walla. We love little reminders of the West when we are here, and we like reminders of New York when we are in Seattle. I was asked by the kind folks at Waterbrook if I would supply them with some Summer entertaining tips for hang tags for their bottles. Ted’s Tips of a sort, which I was honored to do. They sent a case to Hawthorne as a ‘merci’ as they know we host lots of guests while we are here. Such a very kind gesture as we will put those bottles to very good use these 2 weeks. We had it with the asparagus & Gruyere tart I wrote about yesterday, along with the halibut and corn on the cob. It was perfect with it. Sauvignon Blanc is my white go-to with most foods. You don’t want the wine to overshadow the food, and vice versa. I want it all to be complimentary to one another and for them to bring out the very best in one another. This Waterbrook did just that. I also enjoyed a glass before dinner while reading and thoroughly enjoyed it without food. Another of my tests–we are always on the hunt for wines that are equally enjoyed with or without food. This passed with flying colors. Perfect as we head into the warm months of grilling and picnics and outside entertaining.