le jaja de jau Sauvignon Blanc

September 11, 2013

20130911-055214.jpg The label got me. It just did. I am standing there in the aisle of the QFC and my eye was just drawn to it. I was looking for a new white table wine to have with simple meals. I think I found it. From Château de Jau, this is just a nice inexpensive bottle to have in the fridge when you are having an easy pasta or making up a quick fish dish on a week night. The word ‘jaja’ is slang in the region in France where this yummy stuff is produced, for ‘everyday wine’ and is the house selection in local bistros. 100% Sauvignon Blanc, it has that zesty punch I really like in this variety. Holds up great with food and is lovely solo too. And that bottle. It will just look graphically stylish sitting in your fridge when you are not calling it into action.