Small Business Saturday

November 29, 2014

20141129-065946.jpg Small businesses add interest/color/uniqueness/insert whatever fabulous word you think best, to our communities. They just do. Think of standing inside a small bookstore and each of those books surrounding you were hand-selected by the owner with tremendous thought, love & care. Think of that amazingly tasty chicken salad sandwich you just devoured that was lovingly made for you by the owner of the deli on the corner. I know I am preaching to the choir because I know so many of you frequent small businesses. But I really do feel they are the backbone to our communities, as I am sure so many of you feel too. This is a practice to be put into place throughout the year, but today is a special day to embrace the concept and bring it to the forefront. “Shopping Small” is the thought for the day. As you start or continue your Holiday shopping, stop in and see/shop the small businesses in your city, town, neighborhood. You will be happy you did.

From all of us at Watson Kennedy, we thank you for supporting our small business today as well as throughout the year. Our customers rock!

A happy Saturday to you in your part of the world.