It’s a Wrap

July 26, 2011

A well wrapped gift can delight the recipient just as much as what is inside the box. A few added embellishments to make a package special and personalized, really shows you added extra care & thought to your gift. When out and about shopping, I look for things that have letters or numbers on them–vintage brass stencils, playing cards with letters on them, buttons. I don’t always have in mind who is getting what, but I never pass up a card or item that has a 30, 40 or 50 on it. The same goes for wrapping paper and ribbon. If I spot a cool design, I get it and hold onto it till just the right occasion.

The above photo was a gift we gave to our friend Sarah for her 40th birthday. The measuring stick paper is a favorite of mine for birthday gifts. All the embellishments I had collected over time. The below gift was for our friend Peg Poage, and when I spotted the card with the double P on it, I knew it would be perfect slipped into the ribbon so she could use it for a book marker.

Have fun wrapping!