The Coolest Wrapping Paper

March 16, 2012

20120316-070833.jpg We sell a huge variety of wrapping paper at Watson Kennedy, but the wrap I am drawn to time and again, is this vintage English ruler motif that looks stellar on boxes of all sizes. It is made by an Italian paper company that produces generous over-sized sheets that make wrapping a number of gifts a snap.

20120316-071410.jpg We had a dear, dear friend have a birthday last week-end, so it gave me a chance to wrap up her gifts with my favorite paper. The ruler design working perfectly for a birthday, as the numbers on the rulers ties the whole birthday theme together.

20120316-072115.jpg I like using the same wrapping paper for most to all of the gifts, so there is a cohesive grouping. The bottle of Grove 45 EVOO was just to handsome to cover up, so a cello bag would do the trick, tied off with a calligraphed greeting to mark the event.