Presto Chango

January 19, 2020

Changing a table setting can take no time at all if you leave the ‘bones’ of the table intact. Then you just swap out the basics, like the plates, silverware, glassware and napkins. Which can create an entirely different look in a matter of minutes.

I like to have a set table for us at the ready so when we get home from a busy work day it welcomes us. Plus it is one less thing to do so you can focus on putting together the meal. Even if that meal is take-out. For this table the greens went away and whites & creams took its place.

The placemats, flowers and most of the accessories on the table stayed as they were. Then a few new visuals were added to spice things up, like the English matchstriker, candlesticks and vase. Then we were all set to enjoy our time at the table.