WK Market Shop Opens 7.11

July 9, 2020

Yes, that this Saturday happened to be the 11th absolutely had lots to do with re-opening our Market shop. You know me, or if you don’t quite yet, numbers, especially 11 hold great importance. So there you have it, after close to four months in its slumber, I have been busily and am excitedly waking it back up these past few weeks. Saturday is the day! For those of you who have never been, it is our first shop, opened on my 35th birthday, in the historic Pike Place Market. It sits in the lovely courtyard of the equally lovely Inn at the Market hotel at 86 Pine Street. The shop has big windows on all four sides, with a huge picture window looking out to the Market stalls and the water beyond. I have been in love with the space since I moved to Seattle out of college and still to this day I pinch myself that it is mine. It is pretty magical and we work quite hard to make/keep it that way. So I am a bit over the moon to soon have it back open for all to enjoy. OK, now the specifics. Like the WK Home store down the block, we are going to be super cautious and careful about the opening. We will have shortened hours and be open select days, until we see how things progress. Right now the idea is Thursday thru Sunday. Hours for now, 11 to 5 like at the other shop. The hotel is opening back up on July 16th. That will get all of us open back up in the courtyard and from there we will see about expanding hours and adding additional days. We hope, hope, hope soon we can get back to our ‘old normal’ schedule but are realistic that we are living in the ‘new normal’ so are being optimistically cautious and smart. So if you are out & about this week-end, please stop by! Masks are required and we have a hand sanitizing station right as you enter. Like the Home store, we have installed a doorbell to enter. Our fine state has smartly limited the number of folks allowed in in-door spaces according to square footage, so this allows us to control the flow of people in the shop at any given time and allows for proper social distancing. The doorbell feels very Madison Avenue to me. Please know I am completely smiling as I type that. I wrote on Instagram the other day, Chanel suits not required! Seattle certainly does not give off the Madison Avenue vibe, but it totally makes me think of that. We just put a little special Watson Kennedy spin on it and made it our own. We want everyone to feel safe and cared for and loved. We have missed you all like crazy. X, Ted