Friendship and Flowers

August 7, 2020

Flower Friday is all about these stunning hydrangea that have a bit of a lilac vibe going on. It is not a variety I had seen lots of over the years but it has become a huge favorite of mine. My friend CoCo brought me up a bundle on the train several years ago that I instantly fell in love with. A mutual friend Jeanne had given her a big plant of them the year before she passed away. She has it in her back yard where it has flourished, a constant lovely reminder of their friendship. My friend Erika has brought me this type of hydrangea as gifts from her garden for the last few years, as she knows how much I adore them. Her yard is filled with them. She has always said, “Come over any time and snip some when you need them!” So I took her up on her incredibly generous offer recently as I knew these had to make it into my next book. Friendship and flowers, two things I hold most dear. When combined, they make magic.