Display Day, Ocean Land

August 26, 2020

This is part of a section at the shop that we lovingly refer to as ‘Ocean Land’ as it includes all sorts of favorite things like anchors and shells and whales. To name just a few. Yesterday I took it all apart and put it all back together again. This to me constitutes a pretty perfect day. My mode of display is to clear an entire area or surface so you have a blank canvas to start with. For these large areas, I keep the bones of the display, here the table, trunk and etagere. But all the goods are cleared. This also clears my head. It is a fresh start. From there, I start to build. Bit by bit, it all starts coming together. This certainly can be applied to doing a little display work at home too. It allows you to use all of what you have, but seeing it in a whole new light.