The Next Round of “The Classics”

August 27, 2020

Just In, a new round of fab original oil paintings by artist Mindy Carpenter from her “The Classics” series that continues to grow and grow. The series varies in size but this installment, they all came in at 10 by 10 in size–all retailing individually at $295. Click here to take you right to her page on the Watson Kennedy website. She paints the sides of the canvas, so they come unframed but don’t really need a frame if so desired. In the shop I just put a simple nail into the wall to hang each one and they look awesome unframed. Certainly a cool frame added would be delightful too. The idea behind this collection is that each piece be original, but once one sells, she paints another. This is all meant to be ongoing, so you can add to your grouping as time goes by. This has all been great, great fun and I look forward to each round that shows up at the shop. Mindy captures these iconic images in such a happy way.