March WK Care Packages

March 11, 2021

Our {Watson Kennedy Care Packages} have been such a big hit over the last year I decided that we would add new versions of them each month. Somewhat seasonal, very of the moment, and often thematic or part of a themed color story.

Whether a ‘just because’ gift out of the blue, a personal favorite, or a birthday, graduation, anniversary, you name it—the care packages are sure to please. Supply the verbiage you would like added and a handwritten note will be included.

I have heard such heartwarming stories from folks who have had us send these and the reactions of the recipients as they carefully but excitedly unwrap each treat in the parcel. We put a tremendous amount of care & love into each one that gets shipped out. Click here to check them out as well as all the others we offer. Complimentary shipping on all of our care packages too!