The Simplest Tuna Salad

June 16, 2021

I wrote a few weeks ago about the easiest egg salad to make. I employ a similar ratio of Dijon and mayo for the simplest tuna salad too. This last year+ had us taking lunch to work most days as many things were closed around us. So I had to dust off my sandwich making skills a bit. Just like the egg salad, don’t blink or you will miss this one.

I use Dijon mustard in so many things, from vinaigrette to soy sauce marinade for salmon. The 3 to 1 ratio applies here too. A big dollop of mustard to three of mayonnaise. Salt & pepper. Use 2 cans of the best tuna you can get your hands on. I like tuna packed in olive oil best. Drain but leave a bit of the oil. Cornichons are my secret ingredient in this. Chop up a handful. Add all together and mix. That is it! Could not be easier. I like to serve it open faced if serving it at home. Use really good bread. I toast it. Above, one of my all-time favorites, from Bartlett House in Ghent. A loaf always comes back to Seattle with us on the plane. Lovely with a glass of rosé.