Yarrow Meet Scented Geranium

July 16, 2021

Flower Friday all about a big bunch of yarrow that was the lone bundle like it was just waiting for us as we drove up to the Forest Garden Farm stand on Saturday evening on the way to the house from the ferry. It would be pretty darn perfect for the table setting I had planned for our Sunday supper table the next day. The bunch was big enough that I split it into two and flanked the scented geranium that has been going crazy with all this sun. The teeny tiny little flowers that make up yarrow such a treat to gaze upon as we enjoyed our meal. They were just another reminder to take a deep breath and notice all those sublime details that are swirling around us. I think that is part of my love affair with flowers, they do just that. They make me slow down and appreciate them. Which in turn makes me savor the moment. Have a grand middle of July weekend everyone! X, T