Vintage French Match Strikers at WK


20140531-072958.jpg I received an e-mail when we were in New York about a rather large, and I might add, amazingly spectacular vintage French match striker collection. It was a collection gathered over many years and would I be interested in it. OH MY WORD, I was stunned. I have never seen so many at one time. Not in all my years of hunting & gathering have I ever seen so much variation and quality. I am happy to report they are now all unpacked and priced and ready for sale at the shops. They really are little works of art. Even if they don’t get used to light a match, they look so cool on a mantle, coffee table or bar. If they do, all the better. Where beautiful form meets function. The coloring, the font variation, the shapes–all so appealing. Below is part of the collection at the First Avenue shop, looking pretty darn swanky next to all the glittering hotel silver. To say it was a happy Friday is a slight understatement…


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  1. An artful addition to your shop Ted, these are wonderful. The collection is amazing!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Ted you will laugh – I just literally put Woody Allen’s movie “Manhattan” on hold to leave you this comment – there’s a match striker just like the ones in the photos above in the film – 1:36 minutes in. I’d not have known what it was unless I’d seen them on your blog. Too fun!

  3. can you answer a question for me? I bought one and matches won’t light? any ideas?

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