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20140818-053550.jpg These are such busy, full, fun days, these ‘show’ days, I am oh so happy I had a few days before to rest up and re-energize at Hawthorne. I have spoken a bit before about this, but walking a show is full-on visual stimulation, so coming at it with fresh eyes is crucial. I am finding such great stuff! At shows, I am always looking for “new, new, new” to keep WK nice and fresh with new varieties of things coming through the door. I clicked away only a few images these last 2 days, as I have been in the zone, but do know, lots, and I mean lots, of new is coming our way.



20140818-054608.jpg I am also very excited to report that I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity today at the show from 2 to 4 at my publishers booth. If you are at the show, please stop by the Sterling booth on the ground floor of Javitz. It is always lovely to see familiar faces at a show.

Happy start of the week to you all!
From The Marlton,

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  1. Hi Ted! I just discovered you blog! It is fabulous! I ordered your book from Amazon and LOVE it! I’ve only visited Seattle once and fell in love with it. Unfortunately I did not know about your shop at the time. I can hardly wait to go back! Your photographs are wonderful and I was wondering what kind of camera you use? Thanks!

  2. So happy you are enjoying the blog and my book! I use a Canon EOS 60D, and often I swap out the lens and use a Canon Macro EF-S 60mm lens, which is truly incredible and really allows you to take close-up images, which I am a huge fan of. I hope that helps! Bestest,

  3. Ted… I caught a glimpse of you at market and I’m sorry that I didn’t know about the book signing or I would have been there! I hope it went well. Keep up the beautiful work!

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