The Stillness of the Moment

I did a quick walk through the Market yesterday to shoot some flowers for the post today, but nothing grabbed me. Then I got back to the shop and my in box of e-mails had a bunch of images sent to us by caretaker Bill from this last big Hudson Valley snow. Snow will take the place of flowers today. I was taken by the stillness of the images and by the way the snow clung to the branches on the trees and bushes. While typing this last sentence, my mind went right to the word ‘flocked’ and the memory of flocked trees of my neighbors when I was a little kid. Does anyone still flock trees anymore or was that a very 70’s thing? I digress. I hope you like the images.





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  1. I am thinking of the memories you and Hawthorne will share. I am smiling.

  2. Beautiful images. I would love to be there with my loved ones – all snuggled in. You are so fortunate to have these beautiful spots to go to. Don’t you want to go there for White Christmas?

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