St. Vincent

20150324-061615.jpg Movie Monday is a new category for a blog post. We watch lots of movies. Always have. We don’t really go to many movies, but we rent/stream them often. I find watching a film so relaxing. It was a rainy week-end for us out on the island, which makes it even more cozier. Since our week-end is really Sunday and Monday, often times we will watch a movie on the second eve, hence, Movie Monday.

St. Vincent was what caught my eye as I scrolled through the list at the grocery store. Several customers have told me about this film as I was wrapping their gifts. A time I relish as I really have some great conversations with folks while wrapping away. Bill Murray is in this. We would watch any movie Bill Murray is in. Always. He did not disappoint. The movie is funny, sweet and touching. It centers on the relationship of Murray, the cantankerous neighbor who babysits a 12 year old precocious & wise kid after he comes home from school, while his Mom, Melissa McCarthy, is at work. The situations the two get in is the basis of the movie. You will laugh and you will cry. Rotten Tomatoes gave this a 77%, which I think is low. It is not the most complex movie, but it is darn sweet. The closing scene with Murray singing along in bits and pieces to the Dylan song is priceless.

Thought I would also share these amazing red tulips I picked up at the Market on Saturday. Almost peony like. Happy Tuesday all!


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  1. I love the red tulips but that ottoman slipcover caught my eye. I loved the collaborative team in creating it and remember fondly those afternoons spent at Westward. Hope all is well with you two and Bailey too. Thanks for the movie suggestion. I am running out of good viewing options. Hugs.

  2. I’ll be sure to check out St. Vincent. Love that second picture with the checkerboard tray (cutting board, lazy susan carousel?)!

  3. I usually share our movies with on Facebook, but doing same in the blog is a great idea, too! Love Bill Murray — did you see him reprising his hilarious lounge act (with Paul Schaefer) on the big anniversary SNL show? I mean, here he is, a huge star, + yet, he’s a good sport about it + plays along! Contrast this with Eddie Murphy, who hasn’t shown for any of the other reunions +, apparently, is “too big” to put on Mr. Robinson’s (neighborhood) cardigan. Yes, I want to see this movie; the reviews I saw were good.

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