A Stack of the PARIS REVIEW

We arrived last eve to Hawthorne.  The drive up into the Hudson Valley as picturesque as always.  Was a balmy 100 degrees when we landed at Newark.  Just what we were looking for on this stay.  The heat & humidity reminding both of us of our childhood, and how much we liked the steamy-ness of this time of year.  I have so many wonderful memories of playing tennis in July and literally wringing out my shirt creating a huge puddle of water.  The house once again welcoming us with open arms.  This stack of Paris Review travelling along in our bags to supply many hours of reading enjoyment for this visit and many more.  We stock back issues at the shops–they create an instant collection.  I read a great interview on the plane with author Jay McInerney.  Each issue always packed with literary goodness.  We are up early for one of many journeys into Hudson.   Breakfast at our favorite spot on Warren Street our ritual to kick-off the welcome back.  Lovely, as always, to have you all along…

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