An Affectionate Read

July 12, 2011

I just finished reading “As Always, Julia” which I thoroughly enjoyed. The book is centered around the letters sent between Julia Child and her pen pal Avis DeVoto. What I was struck most by was the affection that they closed each letter with. They were all very tender, and showed how much they cared for one another.

Love, hugs, and kisses, in unlimited quantities, Avis
I love you both, Avis
Love again, J.
All my love, Avis
Write as soon as possible, and keep well and happy, and much, much, much love from us both, J.
Lashings of love, Avis
Loads of love, dears, Avis
Most love to you both and now I must get back to my taxes. Avis
Loads of love, all kinds sacred and profane, Avis
Love and love, and write every day, J.

In our current times of texts, tweets and e-mails, getting a hand written (in their case, many times typed) note takes on even more specialness and importance. More on that topic later…

Love and love, and I promise to write every day, TKW.