My Favorite Things Today

July 27, 2011

Many, many new things are arriving at the shop daily, and we have not had time to add them to the web site, so you are getting a first look. If anything sparks interest, please give us a jingle at one of the shops and we can go over pricing and any other questions you might have. Here is a peek of some of my new favs.

20110727-053135.jpg Lavender bitters made in small batches, perfect added to a cocktail to add a hint of Provence, or sparkling water to jazz it up a bit.

20110727-053427.jpg We just got these in yesterday, and I added them to our shell/beachy section. It is a series of 4 little glass balls that are connected, that hold water, so you can put in a single stemmed flower in each, making for a simple, stunning statement. I thought they looked like sea foam that collects after the tide comes in.

20110727-053822.jpg These are made by a local fellow, Jack. They are a steam punky bottle opener, that has a magnet in it so it can hang off a surface and be easy to locate. These are too cool. A perfect guy gift.

20110727-054217.jpg If you are an incense fan, these are the best. Hands down.

20110727-054428.jpg From Rifle Paper Co. just in time for your Summer thank-you notes.

20110727-054708.jpg This is a newer magazine out on the market, and I am thrilled to be carrying it. Each issue is like a work of art. Very old school in the attention to detail. This is a magazine that is more like a coffee table book. You will save it, and savor it for years to come.