A House with History

August 13, 2011

20110813-070207.jpg The Wells family came to Southold on the North Fork of Long Island in 1637.

20110813-070444.jpg The house we stayed in this week has been in the Wells family for over a hundred years. It is a Summer cabin, that sits right on the beach of Little Peconic Bay. The house has years of history in every nook and cranny. Over the years we have spent many nights at the house, each being special & memorable.

20110813-071143.jpg These are some of the types of shells that are found on the beach. They have a mother of pearl look to them. We always take a few home and have amassed quite a collection over the years. They are a great reminder of our time spent on the beach.

20110813-071603.jpg The house is filled with artwork collected over the years, or artwork done for them by artists who have stayed at the house and then given them a piece of their work.

20110813-072001.jpg Every piece of furniture, every plate–all have a history, and have been well loved over the years. If that dining table could talk, oh what magical stories it would tell.

20110813-072427.jpg Book shelf after book shelf filled with years of reading. I find being surrounded by books so comforting.

20110813-072604.jpg And lastly, the beach. TPS swam each day, sometimes twice. Bailey and I would sit on the beach towel and watch and ponder and relax.

This house is filled with so many great memories…

Now off to the city!