My Favorite Things Today

August 19, 2011

My first day back to the shops after I have been away is always a treat, because I get to see all the things that came in when I was away. Some items are brand spanking new for us, while other things are goods we have had before, but we have either been out of for awhile or have re-introduced back into our stock. It is fun to see things with fresh eyes, and to experience a walk around the shop as a customer would. Here is what caught my eye yesterday.

20110819-045234.jpg After spotting this new flavor, I instantly opened it up and all of us polished off the bar in no time.

20110819-045448.jpg This book we can not seem to get enough of. You write a sentence each day for 5 years, answering the same question on the same day each year.

20110819-045654.jpg Having just returned from New York, this book makes me think of Bailey romping around the park.

20110819-045800.jpg Vintage Victorian hand painted door knobs I found awhile back, still stop me in my tracks. Each one is a small work of art. We have one on our coffee table at home, and guests are always drawn to picking it up and checking it out.

20110819-050111.jpg A seasonal flavor from local Seattle artisans, it is like tasting a bit of Summer.

20110819-050308.jpg We can not keep this stuff in stock. A fresh batch arrived when I was away. The bottle makes it a perfect gift to give instead of bringing a bottle of wine as your next hostess gift.

20110819-050501.jpg These are toooo perfect. They bring a smile to my face. It is hard to beat a hand written note.

20110819-050727.jpg My friend Kate makes these for us. Flour sack towels are so great for drying glassware. I love the hand image.

A happy Friday to all!