You Can’t Like Everything

August 25, 2011

I was very excited when Margaret Russell became the Editor in Chief at Architectural Digest. I always liked what she presented at Elle Decor, from the funky to the grand. Style to me is about so much more than throwing a wad of money at something. Some of my favorite places & spaces have been done uber creatively without unlimited budgets. I was hoping this new version of AD with her at the helm might be a tad different. Not yet. “Though the structure is 25,000 square feet and the centerpiece of a 150-acre ranch in the mountains above Malibu, it seems positively intimate” is how she describes the home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Seriously? It should be noted, I adore Will Smith. I think he is an amazing talent, so this has no reflection on his acting abilities. But to describe a structure that is 25,000 feet as intimate, seems like quite a stretch to me. Then I saw the photos. Just because something is massively large does not make it good. I am still baffled by the intimate part. Did anyone else have a similar reaction?

A happy, happy Thursday to all.