Hugo Guinness at Watson Kennedy

October 26, 2011

Hugo Guinness is an artist, and a very lovely fellow, who lives with his wife (also an amazing artist) and daughters in Brooklyn. He has become quite famous for his singular image linoleum cut prints, as well as his one of a kind paintings. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Hugo over the last few years, from an introduction by my friend Rita Konig. On one of my trips this year to New York, I went to Hugo’s home/studio. I love to see the spaces where artists create. From that visit, I chose many of Hugo’s one of a kind works to sell, in addition to the iconic lino works we have now carried for several years. Here is a sampling.

20111026-072345.jpg He did a series of faces, and she is one of my favorites.

20111026-072443.jpg I think these look great together in multiples.

20111026-072540.jpg This is a one of a kind–the simplicity is what I adore about these.

20111026-072732.jpg The series of dogs has been a hit, and we only have a few pooches left.

20111026-072854.jpg Who could not use a bit of good luck?

20111026-072955.jpg The large scale florals are so lovely. It is like have a permanent bundle of flowers in your home.

20111026-073159.jpg Hugo’s work mixes in well with other art too.

20111026-073255.jpg The Swiss army knife is a personal fav.

20111026-073446.jpg The word series in red is stylish indeed.

20111026-073604.jpg The variety of dog images has been a welcome addition to our pet area we recently added at the Fine Home location on First Avenue.

20111026-073743.jpgI find vintage frames for the linoleum cut prints. This combo of the geranium in this amazing gold frame might be one of my all time favorites.

There you go! I hope you liked the mini show. That is only a small sampling we have of Hugo’s work. If you would like pricing on any of the above pieces, or want to see more, please give us a ring at the shop or send me an e-mail.