John Derian at Watson Kennedy

November 9, 2011

20111109-064845.jpg We have been offering the beautiful decoupaged works of John Derian at the shops and on the website for 11+ years, and I still get excited to open the boxes when a new shipment arrives. His use and choice of images is extraordinary. I thought I would take you on a little tour of some of his new designs, as well as things that are perennial favorites. Enjoy the show…

20111109-065419.jpg This last round had lots of color. I am particularly found of the ‘my dear’ plate.

20111109-065602.jpg We also just got a new, vintage display case that houses some of his work.

20111109-065728.jpg The plates mix in nicely with other objects. I think they work great in bookcases, set amongst books or objects.

20111109-065848.jpg John’s work often times has a touch of whimsy, and many times has a French influence.

20111109-070042.jpg The bird series is a personal favorite. These work great singly or in multiples.

20111109-070202.jpg We scatter them about the shops. This one is layered with vintage documents and then bundled together.

20111109-070404.jpg His pieces make incredibly special gifts.

20111109-070529.jpg To give, or receive.

20111109-070624.jpg Encourage good intentions. Words to live by.

20111109-070729.jpg The black shelves in the back of the expanded Home space have worked perfectly holding a variety of John’s work.

20111109-070908.jpg The series of hands creating shadows is so very sweet.

20111109-071036.jpg This one says it all. His work really is just beautiful.